Sunday, January 09, 2011

Social Networks for Bicycle Clubs 101 - Facebook Profiles, Groups, Pages

Here is a quick summary of the Facebook “pages” that were discussed in yesterday’s CIBA Board Meeting.

Some of these links will only work for Facebook users, and what you see may vary with your privacy settings.

Facebook Profile: Your personal page. This is what you create when you join Facebook and where you post information about yourself. Your profile has two main components, your Profile, where you place your interests, and the Wall, where see the latest posts from your Facebook friends. Your privacy settings impact your profile looks like to other Facebook users and external search sites. my profile.

Facebook Group: a collection of Facebook members who joined a page
  • Groups have admins, (administrators )who create the group, set privacy and can invite, remove or ban members.
  • Group “page” content are not visible to external search Sites.
  • Group Privacy can vary from invitation only and completely private to globally visible in Facebook with open membership. 
The CIBA Group we were discussing:

Facebook Page: Pages are “profiles” for a business or organization.
  • You “Like” a page by clicking on thumbs up icon (this used to be called become a Fan, )
  • Pages have admins, (administrators) who can post and remove content. Pages can have multiple admins.
  • Pages are visible outside Facebook to Search site like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This includes events.
  • Pages can send updates to Fans. Updates go to all members, but appear in a separate inbox on a user profile.
  • Events can be added to pages, and fans can be invited, updated or post comments on events.
  • Discussion Forums are all supported.
Page for a business: (shameless commercial plug - I manage this page BGI)

Page established for the Midwest Tandem Rally:

I am working on more detailed white paper on Social Network for Bicycle Clubs, and appreciate you comments on this content.

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