Sunday, February 20, 2005

And I was doing so well. . .

Okay, right after that last weekend of January, a plague was put upon our house. SonOne went though a miserable two-week cold that was finally diagnosed has Whooping Cough! Mom and SonTwo suffered through colds, complicated by Mom's mild asthma. As for me, just a persistent sinus headache and cold, complicated by the lack of sleep while assisting everyone else in the household.

Finally, normalcy is returning, while I enjoy the 3-day weekend. Taxes to finish, 1 dry (but cool) riding day, and time to work on taxes. So I will try to catch up some postings, including another article off to RTR, the CIBA swap meet, an evening with Sheldon Brown, (again courtesy of CIBA), and some more fun with mapping software.

More later.

Lifetime miles now 135,258

76 days until TOSRV.

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