Friday, January 28, 2005

TOSRV Rider 257 and ???

It was a good week.

I finished a Sunday with 22 miles, for my 50 mile weekend.

A well deserved rest day on Monday

4 great evening workouts, (okay, 1 was interupted by 2 calls for CIBA Ride schedules).

Work was great and my Apple stock was up almost $5. (It nice be a stock owner and former Mac Genius).

SonOne and I are signed up for TOSRV, or at least PayPal says so. SonOne came though, but mine is still hanging in web limbo. Hopefully I will get my number in a day or two. Otherwise the whole process, from registation to information packet was handled seamlessly, without SASE.

I thought we might we get roadable weekend, but more snow is coming tonight. So another trainer weekend. I will be adding the AirStrykes before the next session.

We have sound system for the tandem now, a TDK I'mASpeaker, a powered mono flat speaker built into a flat CD case. It will get a spot on top of the rack trunk, with a 10Gb 3G iPod. First test will be in few weeks, obviously. It may be moved to a mid ship position on the stoker bars, but we will test in the rear first. The solid state iPod shuffle may be better choice, than the hard drive based 3G; it would be nice to have backup battery option for the shuffle, which charges off USB 2. But shoes and new riding glasses are higher priorities right now.

Aside from riding, I have an RTR article to finish this weekend.

Lifetime mileage 135,380.

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