Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Harder than it looks

Monday, I will catch up tomorrow..
Tuesday, well it's only been a couple of days..
Thursday, you didn't make it yesterday ..
Friday, day off for my birthday party (48th, thank you!)
Saturday, day off for day off
Sunday, Pinewood Derby and all that other stuff
Monday, I will catch up tomorrow..

Okay. So in the last 7 days, 79 miles, all indoors. Total for the month is now 242, and life time is 135,248 miles.
(Managed in database I have maintained over the last 10 years, with over 4089 ride entries, along with annual summary, day and bike records.)

Home wind trainer competition is getting more interesting, with oldest son now a averaging 1.5mph faster than Mom; but still 2 mph behind me. He is getting very interested, and Mom and #1 are pushing each other. Next month our church sponsors "A walk to Jerusaleum' fitness challenge. We are going to sign up has a family, and my goal is 600 miles, 15 miles per day, and maybe we can get the family over a 1,000 miles.

I heard from my good friend Fred Evans, the cancer survivor, now wintering in Florida. He did had 53 mile ride over the weekend, and is very pleased with himself. I have to get him into blogging, he is natural.

Still waiting for TOSRV applications.

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