Saturday, January 22, 2005

Pinewood Derby Daze & RAAM on NBC

Missed two days riding while wrapping up SonTwo’s Pinewood derby car, and then MC’d for the Pinewood Derby night for our cub scout pack (I am cubmaster). It was quite a night, using the Pack’s brand new SuperTrack, with 6 lanes, electronic timing, PC heat generation and timed scoring, not my Pinewood Derby, and only one engineer parent's car going awry.

Had follow-up email from Fred wintering in Florida. Turns out he was trying tandem captaining for the first time, with a former bike shop owner and co-ed tandem RAAM finisher. She (tandem owner and stoker) used to have an employee who I had met and rode with in while living in Washington state. There truly are just 6 degrees, if that.

SonOne is a definite sign on for TOSRV (105 days and counting). His price is a TOSRV T-Shirt and a replacement for his 2001 RAGBRAI hat. (He and I rode the 2001 Thursday only, and did 70 miles.) Mom thinks his price is a little low. I said negotiations were closed. I think we will do okay. No new updates on the family trainer races, we may try handicapping; trying to figure out how to get SonTwo involved.

28 miles in 90 minutes on the trainer today, watching most of the 2004 RAAM on NBC, which was nicely done. Only thing missing were the map advances. Very interesting to watch, especially after last weeks RAAM `85 revival via video tape. Sleep deprivation, over-hydration, de-hydration, kidney failure, and crew abandonment, too name just a few of trials. Maybe if I could do on a relay team.

Lifetime miles 135,259; 22 miles tomorrow to finish 50-mile weekend.

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