Wednesday, January 19, 2005

TOSRV- 107 Days and counting

The TOSRV apps were available today, probably posted over last weekend. This will the 44th, and I last rode in 1990 (29th). My first was in 1979, so that is a 26 year spread. (Okay, 5,371 days since my last trip down the Scioto.) I will sign us up up over the weekend.

I have singled TOSRV once (in 1979), and tandemed it 4 times, each with a different stoker. (Matt, Rick, Jack, and Dean), about has differnt a group that I could imagine. Jack is the only 1 have kept in touch with over the years. SonOne will be stoker #5, and this will be his 2nd and 3rd century (or 3-4, assuming we get training century in).

On my basic training plan there will be 1620 more training miles - or roughly 2,000 miles by May 1.

The home wind trainer competition continues. SonOne is now a personal best of 16.5 Avg (30 minutes), with Mom at 15.1. He took a rest day today, only 16.1 avg. Mom is pushing harder to catch up. I just smile.

Lifetime miles 135,271.

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