Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Riding Outdoors and Indoors

Saturday (Christmas Eve) was above freezing, so I took the Assenmacher out for a quick run down the Monon. There were a handful of riders out, but mostly walkers and runners. "Merry Christmas" gets a much better response than "On your left". It was great to be out (first road ride for December), and I only had to portage once for about 10 feet where standing water had frozen over the trail.

Christmas Day: opening gifts and a mid-day nap (I was up very late finish photo collages for the boys), I got to try out a Christmas gift; Chris Carmichael's Criterium Training CD. It was a great 65 minute workout, with a mix of steady cadence intervals I really enjoyed. It was very interesting to listen to the commentary, because this is where my riding has been weakest; I can't stay with groups after I jump up with them; even though they are barely pulling away from me. I am looking for more info to use with the tapes.

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