Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back from TOSRV, Again

Another  TOSRV is complete.  This was my first time on single bike since 1979, with the 8 rides in between,  all on the front of a tandem.  This was a tough one, with gusty crosswinds on Saturday, and a very chilly headwind for the ride back to Columbus.  A planned detour added about 8-9 miles to the ride down. But riding with Marty and Dave (friends from my Lafayette days) on Sunday, we took the regular route, portaged the closed bridge, cutting back to only 109 miles.  So the total was about 220 or so.  (Unresolved cycle-computer problems leave the actual somewhat in doubt, messing with my somewhat OC mileage logging.)

Equipment was flawless.  I road the Motebecane Gran Sprint (new in spring 2008) with Ultegra shifters, derailleurs and cassette, FSA Triple and Vuetla wheels.  I was shifting a lot, and did use all 30 gears.  I was running an older set of Serfas 700x25s, wire beads, which have been around since my Chris Carmichael ride in June 2007, and on DALMAC in 2008, so they are on the high side of 2,500 miles.  Great tires for $25 to $30 retail.  I had hoped to add Fizik gel pads under new tape before the ride, but ran out of time.  But no hands problems, so that becomes another round tuit project.

It was a great time.  It was refreshing to see and talk to first timers;  I rode with Team Awesome out of Columbus from White Lake to Portsmouth, and one the riders was finishing her first TOSRV and first century.  And there were already a lot of people talking the 50th next year.  It should be a fun ride.

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