Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Think Tandem Going Live on NING, again

Since the Ning Network offered an extended enrollment plan, I have gone ahead and reactivated my Think Tandem network at their minimum level.  It will take 24 hours for it to post and update. I have a handful of members, and that lets me keep in touch with them while I build the rest of Think Tandem.  I can work on the plan to bring everything together - linked content here, comments, and hopefully other blog contributors, part of a nefarious plan. (Yes, Pinky . . .)

This also means I am now admin for two Ning networks, at two levels- Think Tandem (Mini), and Hoosiers Out on Tandem (Plus).  Maybe I can grow one to a Pro.  One good candidate for that is the Central Indiana Bicycle Association (, which had it's web site compromised this weekend.  A Pro account would have about 90% of the functionality they need, without apps or customization.

Not sure I will have another post or not before Hilly Hundred.  I will try to say hi get some tandem pictures while there.  I will be on a single, since this is Justin, our youngest, year to ride his single for the first time.  Don't worry, he is now 6'2", and not some tiny kid barely riding a straight.  Justin and tandem last together in 2008, and the 4 prior Hilly (at least 1 day).  Linda and I tandemed Hilly 3-4 time together in `80's as well.

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